A smoky illegal, lesbian night club run by witches in 1939. A run down bar where your character drinks, flirts, dances and listens the smouldering voice of the Jazz diva on stage. A dangerous time to be a lesbian. And to be a witch.

You are wearing your best dancing clothes, having just ordered a drink at the bar and looking over your shoulder to see who is here tonight in the smoked filled room. Maybe someone wants to take you backstage tonight?
Or you are rechecking your weapon once more nervous about tonights raid, with that feeling in the pit of your stomach growing worse. Will you be given sanctuary?

The club gets raided by the military looking for witches. But everyone queer in the club is also in danger due to the homophobic laws in Sweden at the time.

A world very much like our own, but where witches were always real.

Workshops: Some things will be workshopped at the venue but we will try keep the workshops to things that need people to be in same room. As much needed information s possible should be available online before the game either here or on the Witches of Ästad Farm website.

A women centered larp. This does not mean other genders are not welcome but that it is mainly organized with women as the main audience. Trans women are women.
We acknowledge and serve non-binary participants.
Men welcome but this might be a slightly different experience than you are used to.
A larp that is a part of #thelesbianagenda , which means there will be plenty of lesbian characters and lesbian stories.
In game there will be sexism and cis-sexism.

Clothing and hair
A feeling of 1939 in clothes and hairstyles, but at a easy enough level to reach. We look more for style than authenticity.