Blixt från klar Himmel

SIGN UP IS Closed – The game has been run!

What: One day/evening larp at an illegal lesbian night club run by witches in Sweden 1939. Set in the same world as Witches of Ästad Farm. No real alcohol.
Where: Gothenburg Industrial Harbour, Fiskhamnsgatan 41, Skjul Fyrasex
When: February 24:th 2018. Workshops 12:00-15:00 (noon-3 PM) Larp after that.
How Much: 300 SEK / 30 EUR, You can pay less or more: 200 SEK or 500 SEK. We will also have some scholarship tickets. The surplus will be donated to LGBTQi organizations.
Who: Open to all genders. Organized by Karin Edman and Siri Arvidsson
What food: Bring your own food. Only light snacks will be served.
Where do I sleep: On the floor at Skjul Fyrasex or at a friends place.
How Many: Up to 90 players.
How: Players write their own character matching character concepts fitting the larp. Organizer coaching will be available and we can also help choose a fitting character concept.
In game time will be off set by 3 hours, making it later in the evening in game. This will by symbolized by wall clocks. We do not demand players change the time on personal devices.

This larps is set in the same world as Witches of Ästad Farm but two years prior, Saturday september 2:nd 1939, but out of game it will be Februray 24th.

Player responsibility: Communicate with organizers. Communication with other participants. Organizing your own trip to Gothenburg. Bring your own costume fitting to 1939. Some uniforms are available from the organizers. Bring your own food. Read and adhere to safety.

Organizer provides: Web page, Moderated Facebook group . Character Coaching via agreed upon communication channel. Venue. Allergy and trigger information. A participant list avalaible to participants before the game. A safety host/ player ombudsman.

A Karin Edman larp is seldom risk free. I like to work with risk management instead. I want my participants to feel that they have information enough to make an informed decision about what they are about to experience and if this is something they want to experience. This approach is inspired by empowerment.
I also want my players to be autonomous and have agency in what they as people have happen to them. I want you to practise self care, whether that is emotional or physical needs. This doesn’t mean you cant push yourself, we try to provide an environment where we can provide care if you go a bit to far.

When it comes to interaction with others we want you to take responsibility if you by accident hurt someone else emotionally of physically. Please try to be self aware and say sorry and see if you can do something for them.

We will make a list of participets available before the game and provide a safety host.
We will use opt out tecniques.

Meta techniques and representational techniques: “The Look Down”,  “Alcohol substitutes” “Green, yellow, red”
A representational technique for physical violence will be used. It will probably be light touch.
A sex representational technique called Ars Amandi will be used.
A yellow and blue ribbon will be used to signal that you opt out of play of racism directed at your character.

You are always welcome to opt out at any time.

Ingredient list/ Content list
The larp can contain:
Jazz music, blues music, swing music, dancing, homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality, flirting, power imbalance, magic, unfaithfullness, feminism. Seduction into lesbianism. Simulated heavy drinking. Simulation of drug use. Cross dressing. 

Prejudism and violence:  police violence, partner violence, implied or explicit homophobia, implied of explicit racism, prop guns, loss of power. Loss of freedom of movement. Nazi opinions expressed. Reference to genocide. Brief stress positions. References to class. Whiteness. Cissexism. Gender Binary.

Phobias and triggers: Being locked in, claustrophobia, real stage performances, fake blood, references to miscarriages, references to child death, references to child abuse, references to abortions, references to rape. Men expressing anger. Shouting. Portrayal of inebriation.

Breathing: vape cigarettes, smoke machines, incense, tobacco smoke on clothes, dog hairs, cat hairs.

Language: English is the main language for this game, meaning it is the language that will be used the most to get information out. English is used for the homepage, for the pre-game workshops and whenever a non-Swedish speaker needs to be included. It will be used ingame on stage because there will be many non-Swedish speaking characters there.

However: The game is set in Sweden. This means that speaking English, or any other language that is not Swedish, is the deviation from the norm. Speaking Swedish at this club is not weird at all.

So if you don’t speak Swedish: welcome to this larp! We will work to include you and give you all the info you need, and you may play in English.

If you speak Sweedish and feel uncomfortable with English: welcome to this larp! There will be plenty of Sweedish-speakers to play with during the game, and that is not wierd for the setting at all. Both Karin Edman and me speaks Swedish, so if you want information in Swedish just ask. (The default language for communications from the organizers will be English, though, so you’ll have to ask if you’re unsure about something. But again, if there is something: just ask!)

Engelska är detta lajvs huvudsakliga språk, då det är det språk som kommer att användas mest av arr för att kommunicera och få ut information. Vi använder engelska på hemsidan, på workshoparna innan lajvstart och vid alla tillfällen någon som inte pratar svenska ska inkluderas i ett sammanhang. På scenen inlajv kommer det att pratas mycket Engelska, för många karaktärer kommer vara från utlandet.

Men: Lajvet utspelar sig i Sverige, och Svenska är norm här. Det är alltså inte alls konstigt att snacka svenska med sina svenska vänner.

Så, Engelska används i hög grad för att inkludera alla icke-svensktalande. Men om du är obekväm med engelska så kommer set finnas gott om svenska spelare att lajva på svenska med, och om du vill ha information från arr på svenska så är det bara att säga till! Vi vill välkomna ALLA som vill komma och göra det här lajvet med oss.

Så, för tydlighet skull: Ja, engelska kommer att vara det språk arrangörerna använder ,om ingen uttryckligen ber om info på Svenska. Men undrar du något så är det bara att fråga! Vi svarar så gärna!

/Siri Arvidsso